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Name Engine Rows Comment
1 columns_privMyISAM0Column privileges
2 dbMyISAM14Database privileges
3 eventMyISAM0Events
4 funcMyISAM0User defined functions
5 general_logCSV2General log
6 help_categoryMyISAM39help categories
7 help_keywordMyISAM464help keywords
8 help_relationMyISAM1028keyword-topic relation
9 help_topicMyISAM508help topics
10 hostMyISAM0Host privileges; Merged with database privileges
11 ndb_binlog_indexMyISAM0
12 pluginMyISAM0MySQL plugins
13 procMyISAM16Stored Procedures
14 procs_privMyISAM0Procedure privileges
15 proxies_privMyISAM2User proxy privileges
16 serversMyISAM0MySQL Foreign Servers table
17 slow_logCSV2Slow log
18 tables_privMyISAM0Table privileges
19 time_zoneMyISAM0Time zones
20 time_zone_leap_secondMyISAM0Leap seconds information for time zones
21 time_zone_nameMyISAM0Time zone names
22 time_zone_transitionMyISAM0Time zone transitions
23 time_zone_transition_typeMyISAM0Time zone transition types
24 userMyISAM9Users and global privileges
* (There are no more rows)
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